New Wii U 'Panoramic View' Tech Demo Shown at CES 2012

Wii U CES Tech Demo - Virtual City

CES 2012 was filled with gadgets and gizmos, some expected some that will make you cry, but none were going to have a greater impact on gamers’ immediate lives than the Nintendo Wii U. Though we’ve already seen the Wii U up close, and experienced some of its clever tech demos first hand, CES brought a new experience that was the most creative yet.

This tech demo, as we’ll call it, allowed a player to use the Wii U controller to look around a panoramic view of a faux city, but also allowed to check out the ground beneath their feet and the sky above their head. It’s not something we didn’t think the Wii U was capable of, but it’s pretty impressive to see nonetheless.

While not exactly indicative of a game experience that could be had using Nintendo's console, the possibilities are certainly there. Being able to have not just a 360-degree view but to look underneath one’s feet could help create a new genre of first person shooter, or gaes of that ilk, that challenges the player to think outside of the box.


When I saw this demo the first thing I thought of were the AR games that ship with the 3DS and how well they showed off the console and its capabilities. If nothing else, this concept could be very easily segued into the Wii U, and make for a perfect showpiece to friends or family.

Still, Nintendo is keeping pretty mum about the game concepts they have in development for the Wii U. Much like at E3, CES has been all about tech demos and proof of concept rather than showing a working Mario or a working Zelda. All signs are pointing towards E3 as being the place for that type of unveiling to take place, so let us cross our collective fingers.

What do you think of this panoramic view tech demo? How would you like to see Nintendo or any other developer incorporate this idea into a Wii U game?

Source: Nintendo Life

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