Rumor Patrol: Wii U to Feature Origin as Its Digital Distribution Service

Wii U Origin Distribution Rumor

While gamers, so far, have been none too pleased with the forced adoption of EA’s Origin digital download service as part of the release of Battlefield 3, they may have to start cozying up with the service even more. According to a rumor, Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U might be incorporating the service as its form of digital distribution.

Now this is still very much a rumor, and comes by way of a smaller publication’s friend of a friend, but it could potentially have some weight behind it. If Nintendo is in fact looking for a way in which to distribute its Wii U content, what better way to do that than to adopt a newer service.

Obviously with services such as Steam already solidified in the gaming world (although Nintendo has been receiving offers from Valve as well), Nintendo is left with the option of rolling in a newer service, like Origin, or creating their own. While I’m sure most gamers would rather Nintendo simply distribute their content in-house, perhaps working closer with EA could increase their legitimacy with core gamers.

Since the Wii, there’s been a wide population of gamers who have questioned Nintendo’s allegiances — whether they be to the casual gamer or the hardcore gamer. Lighter, family fare has suggested a casual gamer inclination, but solid Nintendo franchise releases like Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy have proposed a merging of the two.

Nonetheless, we’ve been slightly clued into how Nintendo plans to approach gamers with their next console. At this past E3 they detailed software and features that suggested a more mature platform, but you never can tell. If the service does incorporate Origin, though, that would mean EA’s library of mature and teen-friendly titles would be developed with the platform in mind.  Unfortunately, Origin the service, so far, has been more of a boon than a useful distribution tool.

Obviously, it will be some time until this rumor is proven true or false (an official Wii U unveiling is expected for next year’s E3), so for now it’s best not to get too worried.

What do you think about Origin being the Wii U’s official distribution service? Would you prefer Nintendo adopt a different service or create their own?

Source: Wii U Go (via Game Informer)

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