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A lot of strange things have been said about the Wii U since its E3 reveal, many of them not that flattering. We’ve learned that Nintendo’s latest console will have no Blu-ray or DVD playback capabilities, though we still don’t know the system’s release date or price tag. Now, Nintendo’s big names — like Shigeru Miyamoto — have come in to help alleviate some of the fears that the Wii U will become a “Wii Don’t.”

One of the big questions around the Wii U has been simply how powerful it will be compared to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Speaking to GameSpot, Miyamoto confirmed that the Wii U would only slightly outperform the current consoles, never intending to blow the competition out of the running.

“I don’t know that we would be able to sit here and say that it’s going to necessarily dramatically outperform the systems that are out now.”

During its E3 Press Conference, Nintendo included PS3 and Xbox 360 footage of several games, implying that at the least, the Wii U would be able to perform at the same level as those systems. Miyamoto added that with the addition of HD graphic capabilities, he hopes that this will encourage third-party developers (primarily those involved with first-person shooters) to create titles for the system.

Yet when it comes down to price, Nintendo is being very careful — trying to keep the system affordable for mainstream and family gamers. From a cost standpoint, finding the balance between advanced technology — with their Wii U Tablet – and affordable entertainment, is key.

“We’re very sensitive to pricing because people have generally only a certain amount of their spending that they’ll devote to entertainment, and if you’re talking about parents buying something for kids, there are certain price points where parents may be willing to or not willing to purchase a certain product.”

Wii U Tech Demo

Miyamoto went on to say that while making the console affordable is importable, it cannot take away from advancing technology, finishing by saying that the Wii U will likely cost more than the Wii’s $250 initial price.

Among the final topics that Miyamoto touched on was the Wii U’s tablet. Arguably Nintendo’s major focus for the console, it’s the piece that has been receiving the most scrutiny. Hearing murmurs that the device resembles Apple’s iPad, Miyamoto was quick to announce that Nintendo had been working on the device for “several years” before Apple’s table ever launched.

“We felt it was kind of a funny coincidence that, while we had been working on this, all of a sudden right as we’re getting ready to bring it to the public, there’s this tablet boom. On the one hand we felt that if we were to show it off at E3 last year, then people would look at it and say, ‘Oh, it’s like a tablet.’ But on the other hand, it may have actually helped us because it made it easier for people to understand the concept.”

It seems like Nintendo is sound in the justifications, yet at the same time it’s just a little too late. With rumors spreading that Microsoft is on their way towards their next console, it may be that Nintendo should have waited a little longer, or spent more time focusing on raw power, rather than the tablet. Understandably, they have crowned themselves the innovators of the gaming industry, but it will take a lot to turn the tide.

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Source: GameSpot, GamePro

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