Wii U Sales Projected to Top Out at 25 Million Units

Wii U 25 Million Lifetime Sales

While the life cycle of the Wii U has barely even begun (presumably), that isn't stopping analysts from predicting the console's future success, or lack thereof. That's exactly what one analyst firm has done, and by their accounts the future doesn't look too great for Nintendo's latest console.

Of course, any successor to the Wii — the best-selling console of this past generation — was going to have a tough act to follow, but the Wii U's road has been bumpy to say the least. But, with a few high profile titles now under its belt, one would think the console will bounce back.

Well, according to DFC Intelligence (via IGN), the Wii U is looking at a lifetime sales tally that's equal to about one quarter of what the Wii did. In straight numbers, that's about 25 million units sold compared to the Wii's 100 million — a milestone the console hit earlier this year.

To put that tally into perspective, the GameCube and the original Xbox sold about 25 million units each, so by no means is the Wii U headed for failure. In fact, as Nintendo has almost always shown, their consoles/handhelds tend to find an audience no matter what.

Just the same, DFC projects that the Wii U will remain a system focused on first party software. That isn't too surprising, though, especially considering multiplatform titles will soon start catering to the PS4 and Xbox One, two consoles that are well ahead of the Wii U in terms of system specs. On the flip side, games like Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros., and the inevitable HD Zelda are all "system sellers," and will presumably help keep the Wii U afloat.

Regardless of one analysis firm's projections, though, we will only truly be able to evaluate the Wii U's success when all is said and done. Sure, the console has struggled since launch, but that doesn't mean Nintendo couldn't conceivably turn things around.

Do you think the Wii U will sell more or less than 25 million units during its lifetime? Do you plan on purchasing one at some point?


Source: IGN

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