John Carmack: Nintendo Wii U an ‘Intelligent Decision’

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Nintendo’s Wii U has been a magnet for controversy since its unveiling at E3 2011. From the single controller issue to its lack of blu-ray playback to its dated processor, it’s all too easy to find reasons to be let down by hardware that remains more than a year away from launch.

What a pleasant surprise, then, to hear another take on the Wii U — and quite a positive take, at that. The unlikely source of this sunny appraisal is none other than id Software‘s Technical Director, John Carmack.

Carmack, as you may have heard, knows a thing or two about technology. So when he claims that Nintendo made an “intelligent decision” with the Wii U’s design, it’s worth paying attention.

“It should be a slam dunk to move over to Tech 5 games on there. We haven’t had that discussion yet as a company, but it seems technically like it’s a valid target, so I’m always happy to go ahead and get a new box in and see what it takes to bring it up and see the pros and cons of the choices they made. I think they probably made a fairly intelligent decision with the Wii U.”

Carmack is also intrigued by the possibilities presented by the Wii U controller, particularly its touch screen.

“…adding extra touch interfaces there, that seems like something that almost every game could make some use of without it being just like, ‘Oh, we have to do something like this.’ Because if you remember, when the DS came out, there was a lot of talk about how, ‘Isn’t this going to be just a gimmick?’ But really it did turn out to be quite a good interface to build on.”

Though Carmack stops short of promising a Wii U version of his studio’s upcoming RAGE, his opinion nonetheless carries a lot of weight in the industry. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and resident genius Shigeru Miyamoto have both been unusually visible of late, addressing the wide range of issues that have dominated Wii U coverage post E3. Adding Carmack’s authoritative voice to the chorus of Wii U supporters has got to make their jobs just a little bit easier.

What do you think of Carmack’s assessment of the Wii U and its controller? Would you like to see RAGE ported to the system?

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