Though the Wii U has been available on store shelves for less than 48 hours it has already come under significant fire by Nintendo fans and early adopters. Claims that the console, and by extension Nintendo, failed to account for various features, like Netflix’s password snafu, have been circulating the web, with a strange outlier grabbing the most attention.

That outlier in question is a single Wii U owner who was able to inadvertently hack their console and gained access to behind-the-scenes features and information, including the ability to delete user accounts. While Nintendo has since corrected the issue, they have acknowledged that everything the Wii U owner saw was in fact legitimate, meaning his unintentional hack was not a fabrication.

What the gamer discovered was an admin/debug menu, accessible via the Wii U’s gamepad controller, which included a few survey options. Among those surveys were hidden sub forums that mentioned Yoshi’s Island Wii U, Soul Hackers, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil.

Thus far, no Wii U entries have been announced in connection with any of those four franchises or brands, but apparently that might change soon. According to the gamer (NeoGAF user Trike) there was also a sub menu that mentioned a December 10th announcement.

While it’s unclear how a gamer could have gained access to such an extensive menu, especially so easily, but Nintendo is chalking it up to growing pains. At the initial posting of the hack, many feared they might fall victim to the user deletion ability if any gamers duplicated Trike’s results, but thus far there have been no such reports.

Wii U Yoshis Land Survey

On the other hand, there have been numerous reports of gamers being unable to access the Miiverse, Nintendo’s new online social community, since picking up the console at launch. And again Nintendo has responded to the reports, and claim to be working on a fix.

However, knowing that such a hack is out there and possible, might give some gamers pause about logging on so quickly. Thankfully, Nintendo has learned its fair share of lessons from Microsoft and Sony, and have built the eShop so that it does not store credit card information. Hopefully the hack gets squashed completely, if it hasn’t already, and the Miiverse problems get worked out soon.

Have you encountered any significant problems with the Miiverse? How do you feel about a Wii user being able to hack the console so easily?

Source: NeoGAF

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