Potential Wii U Features Outed by Nintendo Patent Filings

Nintendo Wii U Patents Revealed

Voice control, 3D-HD displays, facial recognition, and more — these are just a few of the possibilities Nintendo had been working on while developing the Wii U. New patent filings from September of 2011 showcase a plethora of ideas tossed around - ideas that might be implemented into the final design of the Wii U.

With less then a year to go before the holiday 2012 release of the Wii U, rumors have been circling the next-generation Nintendo console. One of the bigger pieces of speculation is that the Wii U will be twice as powerful as the Xbox 360. All of these are just based on hearsay, but more recently patent filings from late last year have appeared on the Internet and reveal some pretty fascinating patents for the Wii U.

The biggest draw to these patent filings are for the Wii U controllers. Specifications for the Wii U controller were never released during E3's presentation of the Wii U last summer, but the patent filings talk about the use of 3D and HD integration. None of these patents may even see the light of day, since Nintendo might just be covering bases, to save their butts from another patent lawsuit.

Aside from the big touch screen in the middle of the controller, the Nintendo patent would utilize the mic built in to the Wii U controller and let gamers command their games by voice - much like the Kinect.  These patent filings also state the possibility of facial recognition, which would enable the Wii U controller to capture images of gamers and recognize parts of their face.

It has also been noted that within the patent findings the Wii U can communicate with external devices, via the network, as well as be used as a videophone that can exchange images and sound. There is no mention of a particular application like Skype - but similar integration is certainly possible. The documents also show a good amount of accessories for the controller - for instance a gun-shaped holster or a keyboard.

Ranters what do you think of these new patents? Would you like to see any of them come to fruition when Nintendo makes a full announcement about the Wii U and its capabilities?


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