There is still so much about the Wii U that we don’t even know yet, and Nintendo has done a great job at keeping the system shrouded in mystery. However, everyone figured that is was only a matter of time before Nintendo let slip some more information prematurely, and it seems that that day has finally come — GameCube games will be available on the new Wii U console via WiiWare.

NintendoGal recently got a chance to conduct an interview with the Director of Entertainment & Trend Marketing at Nintendo of America, Amber McCollem. During the course of the interview McCollem was questioned about the lack of backwards compatibility for GameCube titles on the Wii U. McCollem did reconfirm that GameCube discs and controllers would not work with the new Nintendo system, but that doesn’t mean games that originally appeared on the Cube will be left out entirely.

“Actually the GameCube discs will not be compatible with Wii U, but a number of the games that were playable on GameCube can be downloaded from WiiWare.”

Nintendo seems to be taking a very similar approach to the Wii by offering games from past Nintendo systems that are at least two generations old. Of course, if Nintendo plans on releasing GameCube games as downloads on their next-gen console, then that would mean that the Wii U will have to feature a decent amount of storage — unlike its predecessor the Wii.

GameCube games make a lot of sense  to port over to the Wii U, and after word got out that Nintendo could possibly be releasing high-definition remakes of classic games, it was really only a matter of time before we got semi-official word on Cube titles getting the Virtual Console treatment.

Of course, there is a chance that McCollem was mistaken when she presented the information pertaining to downloadable GameCube titles, but one suspects that Nintendo of America’s execs would know what they’re talking about — and if true, this may be the best Wii U news we’ve heard in a while.

What GameCube games would you like to see come to the Wii U?

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Source: NintendoGal