Wii U Details Before & After E3 2012; Nintendo Doesn't Care about Competitors

Nintendo Wii U Reggie Fils-Aime

As many gamers are well aware, Nintendo's new Wii U console is set to grace players with its presence later this year, but what many Nintendo fans don't know is pretty much everything else about the next-gen system. The new Wii U tablet controller was the main focus during E3 2011 — so much so that Nintendo failed to detail anything other than the fancy new peripheral.

Since then, many have speculated that a full reveal of the Wii U won't be arriving until E3 2012, but a recent interview with President and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, revealed that more information will be coming "throughout the year."

Spike TV caught up Fil-Aime during this week's CES event, and managed to squeeze a few more details about how Nintendo plans on releasing information on the Wii U this year. “Essentially, we will be sharing information throughout the entire year,” stated Reggie.

“I won’t say you’re going to have to wait until E3, but certainly we’re not breaking any news here; no launch date, no launch price, no game line-up. We will be sharing a whole lot of information all through the year on how we will be driving Wii U into households this year.”

Many are also wondering whether or not the Wii U could keep up and perform on the same level as the rumored Xbox 720 and PS4. The Regginator made his opinion very clear on that particular subject, claiming that “we don’t care what the gaming competitors are doing.” Instead,  Nintendo is focused on providing consumers with “a great new experience that’s going to be compelling.” What this basically translates to is that the Wii U probably won't be as powerful, but Nintendo will instead focus on a unique experience to drive interest to the product.

There's no debate that the Wii U will offer an experience that is completely different from anything currently on the market, but in order for Reggie and Nintendo to shrug off the competition they have to secure some solid sales numbers. With rumors building towards a next-gen reveals from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft this year, it's becoming even more evident that 2012 is going to be a great year for gamers.

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Source: GameTrailers (via Nintendo Everything)

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