Since E3, Nintendo’s Wii U has been the talk of the video game industry. Over the last couple of weeks, Nintendo has shared many details regarding the console’s power and price, and have revealed information surrounding its non-gaming features, but it seems that for every one thing we learn about the Wii U, two new questions pop up.

Up to this point, it has been unclear as to whether the Wii U controller can function apart from the console. Nintendo even pointed out that somewhere in the development cycle the Wii U was planned to be a handheld. Now, even though they have the 3DS as their handheld and the Wii U is intended to build upon the original Wii’s console success, the question still remains: Will gamers be able to take the Wii U controller into a separate room and play games if the TV is occupied?

According to Miyamoto, the answer is no. In his recent talk with Kotaku, he said the Wii U controller is meant to stay in the same room as the console.

“Without going into the whether or not it is physically possible to use the device throughout your house, the device is designed for you to have your Wii U controller and television in the same room. They are designed to interact with one another.”

He hints that it may be physically possible to use in other rooms of a house, but that they are not designing it to work that way. It will probably depend on the technology that ends up in the final product. I expect it to have a similar range to that of an Xbox 360 wireless controller, but the fact that it is streaming video, as well as controls, may limit it.

Maybe instead of using the Wii U controller to play games away from the TV, gamers could use their 3DS to continue adventures in separate rooms. That is wishful thinking, but some type of Wii U/3DS connectivity would be ideal. Sony is offering the ability to continue games on the go with the “transfarring” feature for the upcoming PlayStation Vita and it would make sense for Nintendo to try and compete with that.

The real test for Nintendo will come down to the games they provide for the Wii U. If they can produce quality new entries for their cherished franchises and throw in HD graphics, I don’t see the Wii U having a problem selling. Gamers love Nintendo for their games.

Does this news change your opinion on the Wii U?

Source: Kotaku

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