Wii U to Appear at CES 2012?

Wii U Reveal at CES 2012

There has been quite a severe drought of Wii U information since its official reveal back at E3 this past year, and it seems likely that new info on the console will stay on the down-low until E3 2012. However, a recent report from CNET states that Nintendo plans on being one of the main players at this January's Consumer Electronic Show, a feat the company hopes to achieve by giving attendees a chance to play its next-gen game system.

Nintendo has been known to completely skip CES in the past, but if this recent report from CNET's Jeff Bakalar holds an ounce of truth (which we assume it almost certainly does), then Nintendo devotees may very well have something to look forward to at the upcoming event. It's likely that Nintendo won't be revealing much new about their forthcoming hardware or the software in development for it, but it will allegedly be playable — presumably, with tech demos similar to those found on the unit at E3 2011 when we got our hands-on time with the Wii U.

The full statement from CNET regarding the Wii U's appearance at CES 2012 can be found below.

"Nintendo is bringing the Wii U to CES and I'll be getting more hands-on with the tablet-console hybrid to build on my impressions from E3 2011. Nintendo has historically skipped over CES, but it's great to hear the company will have a presence there in 2012."

Nintendo's presence at CES 2012, let alone the Wii U's, is still far from confirmed, but this report seems reliable. Gamers and avid followers of everything Nintendo shouldn't expect to see any new games revealed or even detailed for the console, but maybe Nintendo will drop a little more information on specs and a rough release date or price. If the new system does indeed appear at the Consumer Electronic Show, then at the very least, gamers may see a few new tech demos that take advantage of the tablet-esque controller's abilities. Don't expect too much more than that, though.

The Wii U may also be up against some stiff competition if Microsoft plans on revealing the Xbox 720 at CES 2012, but that date seems a little too premature for the house that Bill Gates built. I guess we'll see what the 'big three' have planned for CES when the event takes place on January 10th-13th in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Source: CNET

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