Heading into E3 2013 fans hope that Nintendo has some big announcements in store for them. Gamers hope to see some new and exciting Wii U exclusives, and they want to hear how Nintendo plans to increase interest in their console this holiday season.

How exactly will Nintendo do that? Well, one of the easiest ways Nintendo could get more gamers interested in picking up a Wii U is with a price drop. And if a recent development with GameStop is true, that might be just what Nintendo plans to do.

According to a source for Kotaku, the 8GB Basic version of the Wii U is being recalled from GameStop store shelves starting on June 18th. There is no reason given for the recall, but many are assuming it is a sign of things to come.

While it’s entirely possible Nintendo is recalling the 8GB bundle because of some defect or malfunction, the likelier scenario is they are preparing for a new SKU or a price cut. Without a Nintendo Press Conference at this year’s E3, it’s unclear when such an announcement might take place. Nintendo does have several events lined up during and prior to the opening of the E3 2013 show floor on June 12th, so they have every opportunity to announce a price cut.

Considering it is the 8GB bundle being recalled, common logic would tell us that the 32GB Deluxe Version is getting its price slashed. At the moment, the 32GB retails for $350 and the 8GB retails for $300, which makes at least a $50 price cut the most likely scenario.

At the same time, we’re not ruling out the possibility that Nintendo will unveil a new bundle that replaces the Basic Set. Maybe a $300 SKU that includes a bigger hard drive and comes in any number of color options?

If the rumors are true, this could be Nintendo’s admission that the Wii U isn’t selling as well as they hoped. Although the console sold well at launch, interest in the Wii U has dropped off considerably. Some have cited a lack of games as a key factor in the Wii U’s sales woes, which makes this E3, and its game announcements, all the more important. But if it’s not the games, this rumored price cut might also do the trick.

Do you think Nintendo should cut the price for the 32GB Wii U? Will they?

Source: Kotaku

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