EA COO: Wii U More Than ‘Transitional’; Nintendo Gets Multiplayer is ‘Important’

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EA COO says Wii U More Than 'Transitional Console' Nintendo Gets Multiplayer is Important

There’s been plenty of questions and comments regarding what exactly is going on at Nintendo’s corporate headquarters – especially with regard to the Wii U. As Nintendo stocks dropped, and no definite price or release date, as well as a slew of other questions, it’s a wonder if the once-mighty publisher has lost their way, at least a bit. Though naysayers may be numerous, there are still some in the industry that stand beside the Big N and what they are trying to do.

One person in particular, EA COO Peter Moore, feels that the Wii U is an appropriate step for Nintendo, and those that say upcoming consoles from Microsoft and Sony will bat the Wii U aside, are sorely mistaken.

Hinting at the possibility that the Wii U will be considered the “transitional console,” meaning it’s a midway point to the next generation, Moore declares that the Wii U has more that just an improved processor and graphics to buoy sales.

“I think the [tablet] controller [is huge]. This is not about specs anymore… This is about, as it was with the Wii, is the controller a unique way of enjoying a game experience, regardless of what the graphic fidelity is?”

Commenting on the differences in generations, today’s gaming industry isn’t solely about graphics anymore: something that the Wii U has been taking heavy hits for, among other concerns. With the rise of motion controllers like the Kinect and Move, it’s more about how you game, rather than what it looks like.

“Now it’s about interfaces. Now it’s about building a community in a rich, powerful, way. And now it’s about, ‘What is the way we can control the game?’ You’ve seen that with Move, you’ve seen it with Wii MotionPlus more recently, and you’ve certainly seen it with Kinect.”

Going forward, Nintendo’s job, to make the Wii U work, will be to incorporate an online community and social medium into that “mousetrap” of a tablet. Nintendo has already announced a future that’s more hospitable to DLC on the Wii U but that won’t be enough – after the less-than-stellar online Wii offerings. That said, Moore believes that Nintendo still has the capacity to meet Sony and Microsoft head-on – but it will just take some serious thought and ingenuity on their part.

“I think Nintendo totally gets that multi-player, building community, co-op play, having the ability to bring games that are deeper – all of these things are now very important.”

Wii U Controller screenshot

It’s comforting to hear someone other than Nintendo get on the Wii U bandwagon, but also recognize the adversities that the company will face. The other issue is getting gamers to see that it’s not entirely about high-end graphics, but rather what the console can do.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has a lot of ground to cover before they are ready to make a solitary stand on the Wii U – so we’ll just have to see what else comes out of Camp Nintendo.

Source: Industry Gamer

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