Many gamers are eagerly anticipating the release of Nintendo’s Wii U as we slowly approach the new console’s release date, but some may have overlooked the sales potential that the Wii will still have this Holiday season. As gamers brace themselves, and their wallets, for the tablet-based controls of the Wii U, it was expected that the Big N would price their soon-to-be obsolete hardware accordingly. Today the company confirmed that it would be doing just that, announcing plans to release a new Wii bundle priced at $129.99.

Nintendo plans on shipping this new package beginning immediately, and promises that it’ll be on store shelves in the United States by October 28th. This “high-value configuration,” as the press release so aptly calls it, will be replacing the current SKU that features New Super Mario Bros. Wii — which was previously available for $149.99. The new bundle will include a black Wii console, a Wii Remote Plus, a Nunchuk, and a single disc that contains both Wii Sports and its sequel Wii Sports Resort.

Anyone who’s yet to purchase a Wii may find this deal appealing, but for the most part everyone who wanted a Wii has probably already picked one up at this point. Regardless, it’s even more affordable for consumers situated at a variety of different income levels, and some children will probably be pleased as punch this Holiday season with the console.

One point that’s interesting to consider is that this new price drop for the Wii may cannibalize sales of the upcoming Wii U, which is a plausible possibility given how affordable the older console has now become. That being said, casual gamers that will be purchasing a Wii U this Holiday season are likely aware of what the Wii is at this point, and if parents already plan on picking up the older console then this price drop is just a nice bonus.

Accidentally buying the wrong system will be incredibly difficult too, with various in-store ads that each major retailer already has placed throughout their stores. The lack of separate GamePads at launch should also help limit the number of consumers that think the Wii U is simply an add-on for the Wii, so Nintendo shouldn’t have too much to worry about on that front.

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