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Although there have been numerous emulators used to mimic or improve on console hardware in the past, few to none of the "portable Wii/GameCubes" have been built from the actual console hardware. However, after three years and hundreds of dollars, YouTuber Shank Mods has finally finished his elaborate, portable Wii console.

Named the "PiiWii Pocket", this portable console has been built from shrunken and rewired Wii hardware. Since it is built from real Wii hardware, the console can run both GameCube and Wii games smoothly. In addition to those games, the Wii's hardware allows the console to run WiiWare and Virtual Console, both of which are software that allows players to download other games on the Wii. The PiiWii Pocket can also run Homebrew, meaning it can emulate some games for other consoles.

The Pocket does not have built-in motion controls, yet the console does allow Wii remotes to connect. So, when the Wii remotes do connect, a sensor bar is mimicked and Wii games can then be played with motion controls. Games are inserted by way of a USB flash drive, while a second USB port can be used to connect accessories.

Shank states that he thinks of himself as a modder, not a YouTuber. Essentially, he is confirming that the console was a passion project more than anything - a project that took years and hundreds of dollars to build. The comments and replies just go to show how much time, effort, and money Shank put into creating this impressive console.

Despite the amount of time and effort it took to build this impressive console, this is not the first time Shank Mods has built a portable Wii. Over 3 months ago he made headlines for his amazing "Kill Mii" console, which was essentially a functioning, portable Wii in an Altoids tin. While the console amazed hundreds of thousands of fans, Shank clearly stated that it was built for nothing more than just a laugh.

Although Shank was clear on the fact that it would be too much work to build and sell his consoles to the public, he did state that he is currently working on multiple, new projects including a PiiWii Pocket v.2.

Source: YouTube

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