UK Retailers Setting Bargain Price Point for Nintendo's Wii Slim?

Near the end of GamesCom 2011, Nintendo announced that they would be removing many of the ugly and unnecessary aspects in the Wii – to develop a newer, slimmer “Family Edition Wii.” The downside? Nintendo removed Gamecube compatibility and functionality – but at least the hardware is smaller and sleeker.

Currently, the Family Edition Wii will only be hitting UK shores – and retailers across the pond are ready for a big push.

Knowing that they are going to get a serious cut in performance, several big-name retailers have hopes to cut the Wii’s bundle price down to a whopping £80 (around $100 in the States). Learning from the past price cuts and hardware bundles, retailers hope that when the Family Edition releases near the holiday season, they can get one last Wii boost, before its predecessor, the Wii U takes the stage.

A Nintendo spokesperson dismissed that the Big N has anything to do with a potential price drop:

“The trade price will be similar to previous Wii bundles. At this stage in the console’s life-cycle we want to offer potential customers good value bundles that include ‘must have’ games that family and friends can play together.”

Those “must have” games have to be Wii Party and Wii Sports, both of which are included in the Family Edition, along with a Wii Motion Plus controller. Granted, this does mean that newcomers will be prepped and ready for games like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, considering it’s the biggest (and last Triple-A) title announced for the Wii.

Though there will be hurt feelings: owners of Gamecube titles will have to repurchase their many loved and cherished titles again on the Wii U Ware. At least then they won’t be alone as everyone will be in the same boat… it just means that the UK will unfortunately get there a few months earlier than the rest of us. Of course if consumers just don’t want to deal with stingy and lessened gaming systems, there’s always Sony and their recently price-dropped PS3.

Source: MCV

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