A new video has hit YouTube that was recorded by a “video games editor” that allegedly shows Nintendo’s next console along with the controller. Unfortunately, there is no audio associated with the video, but a women appears to be giving a slideshow presentation of some sort allegedly about the Wii 2/Project Cafe/Stream. The supposedĀ console itself is visible under the right side of the projected images.

The chance of this being legit and actually showing the Wii 2 seem slim at best. What “video games editor” would be so willing to risk his/her job for a video-only YouTube clip showing off Nintendo‘s next console? Weirder things have certainly happened though, and the continued proliferation of connected-mobile devices will likely only increase the chances of things like this happening in the future.

Check out the video for yourself and make your own conclusions. The controller sure looks like it is going to be big, assuming the controller shown here is real. With E3 2011 just around the corner, however, gamers will not have to wait that much longer to see what Nintendo’s next console has to offer. Hopefully their E3 presentation will be a little more exciting than the presentation shown in this video.


Well, there it is. Kind of boring but interesting at the same time. One of the best and worst things about games and gamers is that they are a connected audience. We all want to know what the latest piece of information is and we are all typically savvy enough to dig deep into the internet to find some little nugget left unguarded. It seems like it is only going to get harder and harder for companies and publishers to keep secrets.

What are your thoughts? Did you notice any clues in any of the slides that makes you think the video is legit or not? Do you think the controller will be that big? Any other nuggets of information you were able to catch from this video? Is this the Wii 2?

Source: privateconnex YouTube