Touchscreens aren’t a big deal nowadays. Tablets, computers, portable gaming devices, and obviously cell phones, are all commonly operated by touch. Nintendo has decided for their upcoming successor to the Wii, codenamed “Project Cafe“, that the standard touchscreen may not be enough.

Early ‘leaked’ images of the controller have already shown that there will be a built in touchscreen. On top of locking the future controller to only eight buttons, Nintendo wants you to feel multiple textures with your touch screen controller, at least according to the latest rumor.

Sweedish website Loading is reporting that the new controller will utilize haptic feedback technology to give the user the sensation of touching different textures on the screen. For those who don’t know; Haptic feedback is the process of giving the sense of touching something physical by adding a motion or movement at the same time the user interacts with the screen. Many of us have experienced a simplified version of this with our touch screen cell phones when they vibrate once we type on the on-screen keyboard.

Maybe a texture changing screen is what’s needed to make a Nintendo console appeal to more western developers. With this it seems as if Nintendo is trying to push us one step closer into full virtual reality. We already use our body movement to control games, along with viewing them in 3D, now we’ll get to feel the surfaces that we are interacting with. Obviously this sounds a little tough to read about and imagine, but with E3 just a couple of months away you wont have to stress out your brain too much longer. Nintendo will reveal solid information on Project Cafe and its controller at this year’s E3 and Game Rant will be there to cover it.

This does have the tendency to make you wonder, if this amount of technology went into making the controller, how much will it cost to purchase?

Source: VG 24/7

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