Wii 2 Will Feature HD Virtual Console Games

Only a few more weeks and Nintendo will spill the beans on their new home console, Project Cafe, and the whole gaming community is waiting with baited breath for the big reveal.

However, the closer we get to E3 the more Wii 2 rumors are going to start popping up, and that’s by no means a bad thing – if there is some truth to them. The next rumor in question offers some alleged details on what Nintendo has planned for the Virtual Console on their new console, and it states that classic titles will be made available in HD.

My Videogame News has posted an article stating that Nintendo plans to offer HD versions of a “select group” of current Virtual Console games. Nintendo has been said to have opted out of the idea to make all of their current downloadable classics available in HD, and this is due in large part to all the money and work required to convert an SD title to HD. If true, each revamped Virtual Console title will also support a high-definition widescreen viewing option, but some systems (i.e. Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games) will not be available in a widescreen format – because it’d be too difficult to get the increased screen space up to HD standards.

On the bright side, it’s said that all of the Virtual Console games that were purchased on the Wii can be transferred over to the Wii 2 free of charge. The bad news is that if you already own a game like Mario Kart 64 in SD then you’re going to have to repurchase the game in HD at full price. That move seems like an obvious money grab from the Big N, and having the option to upgrade your current library of titles to HD for a small fee would have been a lot more consumer-friendly. Having to spend even more money on titles that you already own is a little ridiculous, but Nintendo knows its fan base would be more than willing to give them more cash for revamped classics.

Sega is said to be prepping to port the HD Genesis games currently available on XBLA to the service, so there should be no lack of Sonic the Hedgehog when the new Virtual Console launches.

Altered Beast HD

Rise from your grave and sharpen those pixels!

This rumor doesn’t seem far-fetched, like some of the other rumors that have focused on Nintendo’s new console, and re-releasing HD versions of popular games isn’t exactly a new idea. Hopefully Nintendo also adds some updated GameCube titles into the mix as well, because there are some truly great games on the system that would look wonderful in high definition. However, as long as the updated virtual storefront for Nintendo’s new console launches with the system then it’s hard to complain… we’re looking at you eShop!

Do HD versions of fan-favorite Nintendo games appeal to you? What games would you like to revisit in 1080p?

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Source: My Videogame News (via GoNintendo)