Nintendo’s successor to the Wii is now officially out of the bag after a financial report update was given to stockholders this weekend. While the report gave little information other than the fact that the system is in fact the real deal and will be playable at E3, that hasn’t stopped rumors and alleged console designs from rampaging across the internet.

The latest rumor pertaining to the Wii 2‘s online philosophy is a pretty juicy one though, and its validity has been confirmed by a rather large and prestigious source.

The latest report is that Project Cafe will be doing away with the extremely outdated friend codes that have plagued Nintendo‘s past home console. This news comes from 1up’s Sam Kennedy during a recent episode of their ‘Oddcast’, and he was absolutely convinced that Nintendo would be doing away with friend codes in favor of a significantly more efficient online interface, something we all expected would need to happen with Nintendo’s next home console.

During the podcast, Kennedy simply stated that “There will be no friend codes.” After he released that bit of information has was questioned whether or not he was certain that this was the case, to which he simply replied “Yes.

This news really shouldn’t come as a massive surprise as many gamers have complained about Nintendo’s online interface, or lack thereof, since the console was first released. The 12-digit friend codes have been an especially big road block for those who just wanted to hop online and play games with their friends.

Hopefully, this is a sign that Nintendo will be incorporating a significantly better way of playing games online with friends. Getting rid of the 12-digit friend code is certainly a good start to revamping the Big N’s online, but it’s going to take a lot more than that to catch up to the PSN and Xbox Live. If Nintendo really wants to appeal to the online gamer then their next console is going to need to integrate a friends list, a way to send messages and game invites, and they should also be adding ways to communicate with friends via headsets.

Nintendo is really looking to appeal to the hardcore crowd of gamers with the new Nintendo console currently under development, and we will see how successful they’ve been in doing so at E3 later this year.

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Source: 1up

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