Wii 2 Won't be Coming Until 45 Million Wiis have been Sold in US

Wii 2

The Nintendo Wii has dominated the charts, but as of late the sales have started to peak and come down a bit. Usually when this happens companies come out with the next big thing that's a "ground-breaking revelation in gaming technology". Nintendo has done this with the transition from the DS to the 3DS, but according to an interview with Kotaku involving Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime we shouldn't expect any news on a Wii 2 until at least 45 million Wiis are in American homes.

Reggie did admit that the Wii's sales had peaked in the Wii's third full year of production and he was ecstatic to tell Kotaku that there are currently over 30 million Wiis in US homes to date. Reggie also has a chart that contained some pretty interesting information that was created for a business conference in New York a few days ago. The chart in question contained data that compared the Wii's sales to that of Sony's PS2. According to the data, the Wii is currently selling 23% faster than the PS2 was at this point in its life cycle.

With all the massive success that the Wii has had one would assume that we'll be seeing a Wii 2 sometime in 2011, but when Fils-Aime was asked this question he retorted with a very direct statement.

"As we sit here today we're saying the Wii has many, many more units to sell. After we've reached an installed base of 45 million here in the U.S., we can have a conversation about the next generation. "

This is a pretty obvious thing to say when you think about it. To confirm the existence of a Wii 2 so close to the Holidays is basically commercial suicide, because some people won't bother picking up a that new red Wii bundle for Christmas if it is soon to be obsolete technology. It could also cut down on sales of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn, and other titles that are posed to grace children and adults alike next month.

Regardless, Nintendo does have plans for their next generation console that will "leave your mouth open" according to earlier reports. There are currently 30 million Wiis in US homes, so this Holiday season will only bump us all a little bit closer to 45 Million. Our advice would be to find a multi-billionaire who is partial to Nintendo and then get them to purchase 15 million Wiis, and a copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns because that game just reeks of awesome.

What features do you think would be awesome in a Wii sequel? Will you be picking up a Wii this Holiday season?

Source: Kotaku

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