Niantic Dev Explains Why Pokemon GO Trading is Taking So Long

pokemon go why trading is taking so long

Pokemon GO has continued to dominate the mobile app market in spite of the game's many well-documented flaws. Players have been clamoring for the better part of a year now for an in-game trading system, yet Niantic has rolled out a series of large updates in the meantime without any indication that trading is a feature it wants to implement in the near future. Niantic technical artist and designer David Hollin shared some insight into why Pokemon GO has been so slow about introducing trading at a panel called "Origins of Pokemon GO", stating that it is definitely being worked on but that Niantic is taking its "sweet time".

Hollin also offered up the reasoning behind that steady approach from Niantic, suggesting that trading is something akin to a Pandora's Box - "if you think bots and spoofers are bad now," lamented Hollin, the implication is that there will be an explosion of users looking to exploit Pokemon GO if trading were introduced.

Hollin did say, however, that Niantic was considering restricting the ability of people to abuse the trading system by implementing an old-school approach to Pokemon swapping. Hollin stated that he would prefer if trading were restricted to just people standing next to each other, like the old Game Boy Pokemon games used to require. While Hollin's views don't necessarily reflect how Niantic will ultimately approach trading, they're a promising solution to the problem that seems to be slowing down the feature's inclusion in Pokemon GO.

pokemon go trading preview

Hollin also discussed a few other topics of note at the panel, earnestly stating that Niantic knows Pokemon GO's battling "isn't the worst thing in the world", but that it is one of the worst elements of Pokemon GO and that Niantic is looking to fix it eventually. Hollin also shared his thoughts on what features he would like to see implemented, and Hollin was quick to point out that he wants more weather-related spawns involved in the game - for instance, if it were raining, more Water-type Pokemon would spawn in Pokemon GO until the storm passes.

While the news about trading is disappointing because it implies the feature is still a ways off, Hollin's panel at least offered Pokemon GO fans an in-depth look at how the game was created and what Niantic is focusing on for its future. If gamers are patient with the wildly popular Pokemon GO just a little longer, it appears the developer might have more rewards in store for them yet.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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