White Xbox One Rumored Again; ‘Madden NFL 15’ Bundle Coming

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When it comes to device colors there are typically two schools of thought. On the one hand are those who want uniformity in their technology — whatever color seems to dominate the entertainment center (typically black) usually becomes the person’s color of choice when picking new items. On the flip side are those who shoot for rarity — these are the people who, no matter how outlandish the design, want a device that stands out from the pack.

It is for those gamers in the second camp that we bring (potential) news of a white Xbox One bundle on the horizon. The bundle briefly surfaced on French retailer Micromania‘s site and included a copy of Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive, but has since been taken down.

While it stands to reason that Microsoft would have some sort of bundle in the works for Sunset Overdrive — one of their only Xbox One exclusives releasing this fall — there’s no guaranteeing said bundle will include a white console. In fact, we’ve heard rumors of a white Xbox One console before, most recently in connection with Titanfall, but so far Microsoft has stuck with black. To the best of our knowledge, the only white Xbox One consoles in existence are those given to Xbox One dev team members at launch…and any you might find on eBay.

White Xbox One Bundle Sunset Overdrive Rumor

The good news, though, is that there is a new Xbox One bundle on the way, but it might not be exactly what hopeful Xbox One owners are looking for. Today, EA Sports and Microsoft announced an Xbox One bundle themed around the release of Madden NFL 15.

The $399 bundle will hit store shelves on August 26th and will include all the basic Xbox One components (console, controller, headset) but no Kinect, as well as a digital copy of Madden NFL 15, special packaging, and a token for three Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs.

Madden 15 Xbox One Bundle

Obviously, those gamers who are already in the market for an Xbox One just got a free game, but it’s hard to imagine non sports game fans will be chomping at the bit for this Madden bundle. However, if there were any EA Sports out there just waiting on an opportunity to make the jump to current-gen, late August sounds like as good a time as any.

And with regards to the white Xbox One console — we’ll believe it when we see it. There’s no question that the white design is nice, but, personally, having a uniform, all-black console entertainment center is even nicer.

How interested are you in a White Xbox One console? Would you pick up this Madden NFL 15 bundle if it came at a discount?

Madden NFL 15 releases August 26, 2014 for last-gen and current-gen platforms.

Source: All Games Beta