White Sox Second Basemen Lillibridge Hits Halo: Reach Midnight Launch

Brent Lillibridge Picks Up Halo Reach

Halo: Reach has already achieved the highest amount of online players at once over Halo 3, and gamers like Chicago White Sox second basemen Brent Lillbridge may have been the cause. Like many of us on September 14 at midnight, Lillbridge embraced his inner nerd by waiting for the official release of Halo: Reach.

Shortly before midnight he tweeted the following:

"Most important night of the year Halo coming out at 12 tonight and yes I'm in a line to get it... Jokes please.."

Lillibridge even included an image of the line waiting to get their hands on Halo: Reach.

Not everyone shared Lillibridge's enthusiasm for the midnight launch, as his teammate Mark Teahen sent out a tweet telling him to go to bed:

"Brent, get to bed. Take Gavin, Thornton & Putz with you. Halo will survive the night without you. @BSLillibridge #heardLevel3IsSick."

From the message it would appear Teahen was just playing mom, but may also have been interested in the game, as he placed the #heardLevel3IsSick hashtag at the end of his message. On a similar note, it's also quite possible that Teahen doesn't quite understand how to use hashtags, as there are many occurances like the following:

"Got a better shot than ur Royals #twinsarentasgoodastheythinktheyr."

Lillibridge on the other hand assured his teammate that he would be well rested for the game:

"I promise I'll be in bed early 2nite Noone wants to win more than I do. As much as I luv playing bball I have a lot of nerd in me." ... "I did get to bed quite early so trust me can't wait for the big game tonight... #Halo is awesome!"

Sadly for Lillibridge, the White Sox lost against the Twins that evening, and the following game. Perhaps the entire team had decided to take time away from practicing, and marathon play Halo Reach. Moreover, the White Sox were not the only one to receive bad news possibly due to Halo Reach's release, gamers who have the new 4GB Xbox 360 slim version won't be able to play the new co-op mode.

Lillibridge has only been at bat once in the past three games according to ESPN, so there is a good chance he did not contribute much to their defeat. For nerds like Lillibridge though, you will be happy to know Microsoft is currently hosting a sale for Xbox Live for only $30. You also can get the Nobel 6 helmet for your Xbox avatar.

Now the important question that remains, is Lillbridge Covenant or Nobel 6? Halo Reach is now available for the Xbox 360.

Source: ESPN

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