Report: White PS4 Pro Goes on Sale on Xbox One X Launch Day

Sony White PS4 Pro Xbox One X launch day

The Xbox One X launches next week as Microsoft prepares to appeal to the core gaming market. Promising to be "the most powerful console ever," Microsoft is banking on its technical improvements to help Xbox One sales catch up to its rival, the PS4.

Sony is never one to take a fight laying down, though, as the PS4 platform holder is reportedly set to release a new version of its console in an effort to thwart sales of the Xbox One X. UK retailer Smyths Toys has begun taking pre-orders for a white version of the PS4 Pro and the product listing confirms that it will be available on November 7th - the same day that the Xbox One X goes on sale.

Sony has already released a white PS4 Pro Destiny 2 bundle and the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro bundle also offers a different colored console to the standard black matte. However, this is the first time that players would be able to purchase the white PS4 Pro on its own. It means that those who aren't satisfied with the standard color of the console but don't want either of these shooters can now save money by buying a standalone, white system.

White PS4 Pro standalone leak Smyths Toys

This is a savvy business move by Sony as although the Xbox One X has a technical advantage over the PS4 Pro, the PS4 Pro wins out on price. The Xbox One X price will be about $130 higher than the white PS4 Pro at launch.

Those that want to experience their games in 4K but aren't too bothered about the technical difference between the Pro and the X may well consider Sony's machine in order to get that big saving. Sony has already gained a sales advantage over Microsoft because of price once during this console generation (when the PS4 and Xbox One launched) and it hopes to extend that with this latest model.

Industry analysts have predicted that Xbox One X sales will reach 17 million units by 2021, as people flock to Microsoft's console to get the best-looking, fastest-loading games. But reaching that figure will not be easy if Microsoft is having to fend off competition from new PS4 Pro models and the popular Nintendo Switch. Microsoft could have to do more than show up and present improved graphics and specs if it wants its forthcoming console to make a sales splash.

Source: Console DealsSmyths Toys

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