'White Knight Chronicles 2' Forces You to Play Original

Players of the original White Knight Chronicles may be a bit distressed to discover that if you deleted your clear file (where you beat the game), you will be unable to play White Knight Chronicles 2 - and will need to replay the first game over again.

Thankfully, White Knight Chronicles 2 will actually include a copy of the original (with updated battle systems from the sequel) just in case you haven't played it before, or need to play it again (as a result of the sequel's requirement).

If you think we're kidding, the news was confirmed by series director, Toshiyuka Kusuda who spoke with 4Gamer.

If you still possess a clear file, you will be given two choices on how to proceed:

Start from the end of the first game, but knocked down to level 35 - or start from the beginning of the first game (knocked down to level 1) but you'll get to keep your inventory.

Not the kindest of scenarios - and certainly a hard decision to make. Unfortunately, this is what's going to happen.

Kusuda, of course, recommends playing the original game again - since the updated battle features make it a very different experience than your first play-through.

A rather distressing piece of news, if you ask me. I understand the idea of wanting to tell a story from the very beginning - instead of just jumping into it head first. But, in this instance, it feels like the player is being punished, especially considering the lousy gameplay in the first title.

Either option seems to negate work the player put in from the first game - though, I'm sure avid fans but will make the leap.

White Knight Chronicles 2 will be released on July 8, 2010 only on PS3.

Source: 4Gamer via Adriasang

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