Which Until Dawn Character Are You Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Type?

Until Dawn is a Playstation game that's adored by fans (and a great one to replay this spooky season, if you're looking for some horror). Set in a house on the mountains, it's not a particularly revolutionary plot: eight teens are terrorized by something lurking outside of the house, leading them into traps and, eventually, murdering them.

Spoilers ahead, for those who haven't played!

The game takes a lot of twists and turns despite its fairly basic plot, but what makes this game truly memorable is the characters. Each of them has their own distinct personality that makes them easy to love (or hate, depending on the character) — but they're all at least very relatable. Here's which character you would be, based on your MBTI!

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8 Matt: ISFJ

Matt appears the least in the game out of all the characters (except maybe Jessica), so we can only truly guess his type — however, he seems to display the classic signs of an ISFJ. He seems to seek and value harmony. Although this does depend on the player's dialogue choices, when a fight breaks out between Emily and Jessica, he seems eager not to get into a conflict and out of the two couples, seems to be the one that isn't willing to argue a lot. Even when he suspects Emily is cheating on him, he's pretty lowkey about confronting Mike and doesn't really confront Emily at all.

He seems a bit too willing to give things up for the sake of someone else and should perhaps stick up for himself a little more, though.

7 Jessica: ESFP

Jessica is another character that we don't see too much of, mainly because she's snatched by the Wendigo at the beginning of the game and doesn't reappear until much closer to the end. She's very bold and charming though, and seems to be well-liked by her friends (aside from Emily, of course, but there's definitely some personal stuff going on there). She does seem a little unfocused though, mainly concentrating on her boyfriend Mike than the other stuff that might be going on around them, and she seems a little easily distracted too. Still, especially as the game goes on, we see that she's a truly good person, just a little insecure — right before she's ripped out through the cabin's front door.

6 Emily: ENTJ

Emily likes to brag about her intelligence and seems mostly like a logical person. She definitely seems to have the upperhand on everyone in the group when it comes to academia.

Despite this, she can be extremely insensitive to the needs of others — it's just a prank, Han! — and although she's practical in situations where it's required, she's truly not a people person. In fact, players were often wondering why she was even with low-key, sensitive Matt, who seemed to be steamrolled by her and her opinions at any given opportunity.

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That's not to say all ENTJs are bad people, but Emily definitely displayed the more negative traits of being one.

5 Chris: ENTP

Charisma and energy seem to surround Chris. He doesn't seem like the most popular one in the group, nor does he seem like the leader, but he's definitely the one that can be relied on for entertainment and to have a good sense of humor. In situations that require thinking though, he's sometimes not the most practical; he doesn't focus too much and tends to lose in his head in a crisis, such as the unfortunate scene between Ashley and Josh where he's forced to make a choice he doesn't much like.

Of course, his personality may also depend on the choice the player makes later in the game where he's confronted with Ashley, a gun, and one bullet...

4 Ashley: ISTJ

The most strong-willed character in the game might just be Ashley. She bravely goes down to the basement looking for Sam despite admitting she's scared and although she's clearly sobbing when Chris has a gun and is told to shoot one of them, she insists that he shoots her (although, er, she does become a little cold about that decision afterwards if he listens to her). She definitely stands out as one of the more responsible members of the group, not really a partier like Josh or Mike might be.

3 Mike: ESTP

Bold and practical at the same time, Mike fits the ESTP traits perfectly. He's always ready to take charge, though he can be risk prone too — he doesn't seem to have much qualms with wandering through that asylum, after all, and can choose to cut off his own finger he wants to escape the trap. It's also fair to say he's impatient when he doesn't want to wait to see if a Wendigo bite affects Emily, and the player can choose to kill her by firing a bullet straight through her. Pretty cold to kill your ex, Mike, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

2 Josh: ENFP

Josh is hard to classify since the Myers-Briggs isn't accurate on those who have a mental illness, but pre-sister death Josh was probably an ENFP. From the little we see of them before his sisters go missing, he's very friendly and seems to be extremely popular among everyone.

He's also clearly highly emotional — just look what happens when he lets his sisters' deaths get to him too much. He plays an elaborate prank on his friend that puts them through trauma they'll never forget.

1 Sam: ISTP

Sam is the only character who survives to the end regardless of what you do in the game, and therefore, a character we see a lot of in comparison to some of the others. She's optimistic and practical, yet great in a crisis too — classic signs of an ISTP. When she executes her plan at the end to kill the monsters, she demonstrates all of these traits.

She's also very private and reserved, which makes it somewhat hard to classify her but further signals that she may just be an ISTP; they also tend to keep themselves to themselves.

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