Which Dragon Age: Inquisition Romance Should You Pick Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type?

In Dragon Age: Inquisition players can take time out of finding a way to close the Breaches to romance one of the characters found in the world. Each one has its own unique backstory and motivations that guide them as they assist the player in their goals.

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Identifying each character’s Myers-Briggs personality type can help you determine who would be a good fit for your character. After all, when the demons are invading and the world is in the midst of a civil war you want someone watching your back that you also mesh well with.

10 Vivienne: ISTJ

Vivienne isn’t a fully romanceable character, but it is possible to have something of a flirtatious relationship with her which is why she makes the list. Vivienne has worked hard to achieve her current political position and has made many enemies and would-be allies in the process.

As an ISTJ she is dedicated to playing The Grand Game and using her power to shape the world into something more manageable and less hostile. She won't let anything distract her, including the player character, which is why she isn’t fully romanceable, but she’s a powerful ally to those who gain her favor.

9 Lace: ISFP

Similar to Vivienne, Lace isn’t fully romanceable, but the player can enter into something of a relationship with her via flirting at each new location. It will never blossom into anything serious as she’s much too adventurous and devoted to her job as a scout to have time for anything else.

As an ISFP she struggles socially, but her expert skills at exploration and scouting make her an invaluable member of the team. She’s very warm and friendly, but it is difficult to get her to confess her feelings and open up.

8 Cassandra: ENTJ

Cassandra was born a noble who wished to be an adventurer and ended up somewhere in between. Her skills and pious nature lend her to becoming a leader which can occur if she accepts the role of Divine thanks to player actions.

As an ENTJ Cassandra is obsessed with doing what’s right and seeking to right the wrongs of the world. While she may have the confidence to face down terrifying beasts she is terrified of love and will seemingly put an end to the relationship to step into the role of Divine, at least this is what she wishes others to believe as she will continue the relationship in secret.

7 Dorian: ENFJ

Dorian was a troublemaker in his youth until someone came along and recognized the rebellious youth was merely bored and needed a proper outlet. Since then he’s thrived as both scholar and charming rogue.

As an ENFJ he’s very charismatic and idealistic with plans to shape the world as he sees fit and one day be welcomed in his hometown, though this isn’t critical to his happiness. He can struggle a bit with living in the now and his upbringing has made him gun shy about getting into a serious relationship, with a bit of patience he proves to be a faithful, albeit controversial, companion for the player.

6 Blackwall: ESTJ

As a member of the Grey Wardens Blackwall has dedicated his life to helping and protecting others. Like the order, Blackwall’s serious and somber personality makes him a fierce warrior and a reliable companion.

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As an ESTJ he is very much invested in the well being of others. He may seek out solitude or come across as an introvert, but these moments of self-reflection and preparation simply make him a better champion for those in need. It won't be an easy relationship by any means, but he does value the Inquisitor being in his life.

5 Sera: ESFP

Sera is a bit of a spitfire and has issues with elves, magic, and authority figures. That being said she is very much an honorable rogue, who wishes to make the world ‘normal’ again. She likes things to be simple and gets nervous around those who can make things complicated, namely you the player.

Sera is very much an ESFP, someone who enjoys standing out from the crowd and drawing attention to herself. With her crazy antics, impish exploits, and the kind of language that would make a sailor blush she revels in the limelight even if she shies away from love.

4 Iron Bull: INFP

Iron Bull has had something of an identity crisis for most of his life. He constantly finds himself on the outside looking in and fears the darker part of himself that surfaces now and then. As a result, he prefers friends with benefits, drinking, lazing about, and avoiding any emotional attachments.

Being an INFP he’s very reserved in spite of the bravado and posturing. Underneath he’s a tender soul who’s afraid of what he can become and deeply devoted to anyone that manages to penetrate the walls he’s put up around himself.

3 Josephine: ESJF

Being a former bard and highly successful ambassador Josephine is a master at navigating the treacherous waters of upper nobility and royalty. Every ball or formal gathering is a chess match and she’s a master player.

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As an ESJF Josephine enjoys the glitz and glam of the upper class but is never one to see herself as superior to others in any way. She uses her station to make changes and improve the lives of those she cares about. A relationship with her can feel a bit like being in a soap opera, but she cares deeply about the Inquisitor and their well-being.

2 Cullen: ENTJ

Cullen enjoys improving his abilities and honing his talents both as a warrior and as a military commander. He takes his responsibilities to the Templar very seriously and thrives under the strict rules and guidelines given to him.

With his ENTJ personality, he makes a faithful companion and an invaluable military advisor. He struggles to rectify his dedication to the Templar and his devotion to his romantic interests, but if the player is patient he proves to be a caring companion who’s simply trying to do what’s right.

1 Solas: ISTP

Solas is deeply interested in the Fade and is capable of using lucid dreaming to test the limits of the Veil and what lies beyond. This insight has made him a mysterious individual with unique powers and abilities that allow him to serve the Inquisitor well.

As an ISTP he makes for an interesting companion both in battle and romantically. Many people make the mistake of seeing him as smug and pompous, but in reality, he’s deeply caring for other people’s plights and simply recognizes he can’t help those who can’t help themselves. A relationship with him is far from being straight forward but is certainly one of the more interesting romances on this list.

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