Although most exciting game announcements come over the summer at E3, there is always some industry buzz around the annual Game Awards as we wrap up the year. The December event is supposed to celebrate the most important games, creators, and community members of the past year, but we know most people are really tuning in for the trailer debuts.

Luckily, fans who want to stream the event have plenty of options. The festivities will air everywhere from YouTube to Twitch to Steam. If you don’t feel like browsing around, you can even stay put and watch the whole show right here…

Note: There are some bonuses to watching on Steam, where Valve is rewarding viewers with some gaming goodies.

The community is already busy making predictions not only about what will win game of the year, but also about which new trailers will appear during the show. Gamers started going wild when the show’s host and creator¬†Geoff Keighley jokingly mentioned “the trailer for the sixth installment in some insane franchise,” but unfortunately he was just joking around to make a point… But there’s still hope for some surprise¬†Elder Scrolls or GTA news, right?

What are your big predictions for the show? Let us know in the comments!

The Game Awards airs on December 7, at 5:30pm PT and 8:30pm ET.