Sony has tried to handle the PSN outage as if it was something delicate and precious… almost like a desert flower. Unfortunately for them, most gamers don’t head outside. It’s been said time and again that what they have done since the outage — and more importantly how — has simply been subpar and ineffective in the eyes of its fans and supporters, and that’s being nice. So what could have Sony possibly done to sooth the begrudged masses?

Kevin Butler. Potentially one of the greatest assets that Sony has come up with from a marketing standpoint has been utterly silent. A man created and designed to reach out to the people, Butler has a sensational following, sporting over 84,000 Twitter cohorts (and just as many “Vice President” titles). He’s a man of the people and the standard-bearer to games, and one that Sony should be leaning on.

However, the KB has been just as silent as Sony since the outage, only retweeting two official Sony messages in the last three weeks. We can’t help but wonder why Sony isn’t using one of their biggest assets to turn a bad situation, into something at least laughable. With three weeks of fans searching on the internet, forums, Twitter, and anything in between for answers, a real human would go a long way on getting people back on board with Sony’s bandwagon.

Perhaps Butler has been silent because Sony is saving him up for E3, wanting to him as a robust shield to help deflect any unwanted scorn that may spring up, but the damage may already be done. With all of the bad press, the silence and the hurt feelings, it may take more than a few free games and a delayed response from the “Vice President of” to make things right, this late in the game.

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