What is Persona 5 Royal?

what is persona 5 royal

Atlus, developer of the Persona franchise, has recently announced a window for when fans can expect the upcoming Persona 5: The Royal to release in the United States. This has lead fans to wonder what the upcoming game actually is, and how it relates to Persona 5.

Persona 5 came out in 2016 and featured a main story that took most players over 80 hours to beat. This new version will tack on a whole lot more. It will feature new characters, a new location, and an entire new school semester for players to enjoy.

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Here’s a spoiler-free look at some of the details:

New Semester

The original Persona 5 follows students during a school year. The story takes place over two semesters while the protagonist, Joker, interacts with his classmates and battles evil alongside the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5: The Royal will feature an entirely new third semester over which new events unfold. The third semester features some of the fates of the characters from the original game. Joker will get to see where some of his friends have been since the end of the original Persona 5. The third semester story will include some strange changes and reversals to some of the events and characters over the multiple endings of the original Persona 5.

The third semester will also include some new games to play. The Royal features a full reproduction of the DARTSLIVES3 dart machine, a popular digital dart game in Japan. Playing darts with fellow Phantom Thieves will afford players benefits in battle by upgrading their Battle Pass rank. Joker can can also play pool to increase social status.

The Royal will also feature new Personas and new powers for the Phantom Thieves that will allow them to reach new places, help them better team-up in battle, and aid them in navigating the different options in the Daily Life sections of the game. Phantom Thieves can also now take selfies and message them to each other.

what is persona 5 royal

New Characters

Persona 5: The Royal will introduce a few new faces for Joker to meet:

Kasumi Yoshizawa will have a central role in the plot for the third semester. Kasumi, a rhythmic gymnast, arrived in Tokyo around the same time as Joker. She will have some conflict with the Phantom Thieves but will become a playable character.

Takuto Maruki will serve as a support character and a confidant of Joker. He works as a school-counselor part-time at Shujin Academy and he has a strong empathetic understanding of people’s feelings. He believes the Phantom Thieves can bring about positive change despite their unorthodox methods.

José, an NPC in Mementos, will help the Phantom Thieves. As the Phantom Thieves explore Mementos, they collect flowers and star stamps. They can then return to José and trade these for upgrades. José will give the player new items in exchange for the flowers. As for star stamps, José will use these to increase the rate at which players receive rewards in Mementos such as experience, money, and items.

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New Location

Persona 5 featured a bunch of explorable real-world places around Tokyo. Persona 5: The Royal will add the Tokyo neighborhood of Kichijoji.

Kichijoji features as the starting location in Shin Megami Tensei and will now have a presence in Persona. In the real world, Kichijoji sits in a commercial part of the city with a mix of old and new Tokyo. The area is very popular and features art, fashion, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. It attracts all kinds of people.

There isn’t much information yet about what the new area will offer in the game.

what is persona 5 royal

New Graphics, Old Story

The original Persona 5 storyline will remain intact and unchanged from the game’s original release except that it will feature updated anime cutscenes. The game will also receive support for the PS4 Pro and will run on the console at 4k and 60fps.

Persona 5 should now have a better of what to expect from the upcoming Persona 5: The Royal. Those who want to dig deeper can find more spoiler-heavy information out there, but this guide should give players enough of an idea of whether or not this new version will be worth jumping back in.

Persona 5: The Royal will release in Japan on October 31st with a US release window of Spring 2020 exclusively on Playstation 4.

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