Wendy's Releases Dungeons and Dragons-Style Tabletop RPG

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Food and gaming have a long history together, whether it be Mountain Dew and Doritos' getting extreme with Xbox or Destiny 2's Pop Tart partnership. The fast food industry has taken notice recently, beyond the regular plastic toys with Happy Meals at least. Square Enix partnered with KFC for a chicken-filled Final Fantasy 14 "raid," Pokemon Go worked with McDonalds to turn restaurants into PokeStops, and Wendy's livestreamed the destruction of Fortnite's Durr Burger. But now Wendy's is ready to take the next step.

Wendy's has officially issued a pen and paper tabletop RPG sourcebook titled Feast of Legends. And when we say sourcebook, we mean a legitimate, 100-page book filled with maps, illustrations, character sheets, character archetypes, and a 5-part adventure titled Rise From the Deep Freeze spanning almost 50 pages. In other words, Wendy's put work into this. It's a legitimate tabletop RPG for pen and paper fans to play through.

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The adventure tasks players with rescuing the realm of Beef's Keep. The Kingdom of Freshtovia, ruled by Queen Wendy, is faced with a dire situation. The evil Ice Jester has found a powerful artifact threatening to throw the entirety of Beef's Keep into a new frozen age. Along the way, players will encounter all manner of villains, such as the Beef Bandit, Mucho Pan: The Extra Bun, Fry Fiends, and even Hunger. It's so out there that it's difficult to believe it's very real.

The announcement was made in conjunction with popular online RPG-streaming squad Critical Role. Critical Role recorded a commercial advertising the announcement and also will be doing a live one-shot using Wendy's Feast of Legends sourcebook. Critical Role fans can tune in and watch the one-shot tonight, October 3, at 7:00 pm PT on Critical Role's official Twitch channel.

In the end, Feast of Legends is a marketing campaign. Wendy's doesn't have a vested interest in supporting the pen and paper community beyond encouraging players to come and eat Wendy's. Nevertheless, whoever made the Feast of Legends sourcebook clearly cared about creating a quality product, which is admirable. For the Dungeons & Dragons fan looking for an opportunity to relax and joke around for a night or two, Feast of Legends seems appropriate.

Feast of Legends is available to download now via its official website.

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