The 10 Weirdest Skyrim Mods Ever

The world of Skyrim is absolutely massive. With hundreds of locations to explore and countless quests to do, even after the main story is done, you're not likely to get bored quickly. However, there's bound to come a time when you just want to spice things up a little bit.

Whether it's starting a new game or adding immersive mods after the fact, it can really change the way you experience Skyrim. The best way in our minds, however, is adding one of these ten silliest mods you could possibly find for Skyrim. Weird and funny in nature, they'll make you look at the world around you in a drastically different way and perhaps even reignited your love for Skyrim.

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10 Really Useful Dragons

Dragons are cool, but they get stale about ten encounters into the game. After you've leveled up and become a literal god in the flesh, fighting dragons who always do the same thing gets a little bit stale. So, why not turn them into Thomas the Tank characters?

That's what the mod "Really Useful Dragons" does. The distant roar of an approaching beast is now the whistle of a train as it descends upon you to wreak complete havoc. Never have children's show characters looked this terrifying!

9 Posh Mudcrabs

We're not sure what it is, but the Skyrim community seems absolutely obsessed with Mudcrabs. There's a ton of mods out there that turn them into a variety of weird things and even make them curse at you.

However, our personal favorite is the Posh Mudcrab mod which gives them a golden monocle and a tiny top hat. You might be wondering what the point of this mod is, and you'd be right to ask that. There's no point, but we'll say this: you'll never look at Mudcrabs the same when fighting them!

8 Divine Punishment

Skyrim has come a long way from Oblivion when it comes to voice acting. Instead of hearing the same ten people over and over again, we now have dozens of different voice actors. Still, some repetition cannot be avoided. How many times have you heard those city guards talk about taking an arrow to the knee in the very same voice?

If you're getting tired of it, too, this mod is perfect for you. Whenever a guard utters those forbidden words, they will receive a lightning bolt from the skies that will punish them for bringing up the same old story. Convenient!

7 Staff Of Sweet Rolls

Sweet rolls are a huge recurring theme in Bethesda games. Not only do they look delicious, but the characters in Skyrim seem a bit obsessed with them. Even guards will ask you if someone stole your sweet roll.

If you, too, love sweet rolls, this mod gives you the only weapon you've ever needed: the Staff of Sweet Rolls. Point it at anyone and they will promptly be turned into a delicious treat for you to collect. Why turn your enemies into bloody mush when you could just recycle them into sweets?

6 Bear Musician

Ever thought that your Skyrim could use a bit more cool music? Maybe you've grown tired of the bards always playing the same songs with zero variety.

Thankfully, this mod features an amazingly talented and helpful bear that will play some amazing tunes to cheer you up. From Queen's "We Will Rock You" to the infamous surf rock classic Misirlou, the musical bear has got you covered with his lute. Let's not forget about how engaged he looks when he's jamming out to his music!

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5 Crimes Against Nature

Skyrim has a pretty good variety of different races to choose from, but, if you're looking for something a little different, Crimes Against Nature has got you covered. Whether you've always dreamed of playing as a chair, a dog, or a My Little Pony character, you've got plenty to choose from. You'll no longer be confined by the restrictions that Skyrim's lore puts on you at the beginning of the game and get to unleash your true self in the form of, well, whatever it is you've always wanted to be.

4 Macho Dragons

Once you've grown absolutely tired of watching Thomas the Tank flying above your head, you might be thinking to yourself you want something different for dragons. We recommend the Macho Man mod, which turns your dragon into, well, this.

This mod turns every roar into a specific voice line by the Macho Man, and the best part is his "yeah!" that often precedes fire or frost being spat on your face. There's truly no better mod to give yourself a real giggle when fighting dragons, and you have to appreciate the facial animations on the new model.

3 Skyrim Belongs To The Gourds

If you thought Skyrim belonged to the Nords, you were terribly wrong. According to this mod, it belongs to the gourds. Right off the bat, you can choose gourd as your species, with the option of legs or no legs. Slowly but surely, you will begin to assert your superior gourd-ness over the people of Skyrim and take back control of your native lands as it was always meant to be. Another great mod for those looking for an alternative gameplay experience who are just plain bored with the species already available.

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2 Skeleton Trumpet Feet

Any true meme lovers out there will be very familiar with the Skull Trumpet meme. A classic of the Internet, you'll be happy to know its essence has now been immortalized in Skyrim as well.

Thanks to this mod, the footsteps of your bony enemies will be turned into trumpet sounds. Not only will you receive fair warning of their arrival, but also enjoy this age-old meme every time you fight reanimated skeletons. A simple but quality mod!

1 Explosive Chickens

Chickens are pretty helpless in Skyrim and always get bullied by players. If you understand this injustice too and would like to add a bit of a kick to your chickens' arsenal, the Exploding Chickens mod lets you do just that.

Next time you try to whack an innocent chicken, prepare for an explosion that will blast right in your face and punish you for being a bully. It's a great mod to prank your friends with, too, if they have no idea what they're getting themselves into and have yet to play Skyrim properly.

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