New Nintendo toys from an upcoming Mcdonald’s UK promotion leak early, and fans rightfully question why this Mario toy appears to be sitting on a toilet.

McDonald’s is no stranger to the video game world, with the popular fast food chain both partnering with Pokemon GO and hosting mythical Pokemon in recent years. While it’s been some time since gamers were able to play any GameCube titles like Mario Kart: Double Dash in a McDonald’s restaurant, hungry Nintendo fans will soon be able to play with Mario in a new way.

McDonald’s UK is preparing to release a new Mario Happy Meal toy in the United Kingdom, which is a sensible promotion considering the affable plumber’s good relationship with younger demographics. The only problem, though, is that he appears to be sitting on a toilet.

When images of the new Mario toy first found their way onto the internet ahead of the product’s launch, it didn’t take long for Nintendo fans to point out that it looked like Mario was stuck on the loo while simultaneously giving fans some questionable jazz hands. Of course, the other Nintendo Happy Meal characters get their own dioramas: Peach is waving to the crowd on a grass field, Luigi is coming out of a pipe, and Mario gets a brown toilet throne for some reason.

While the new lineup somewhat hearkens to the days of oddly misshapen ’80s toys, it’s likely that Toilet Mario will be the shining star of the entire lineup due to its sheer strangeness. In any event, the tie-in with Super Mario is sure to bring in plenty of extra foot traffic to McDonald’s in the United Kingdom, and we imagine there are many fans abroad who would love to see the promotion jump overseas to the United States. So far, though, it’s hard enough just finding a McRib.

Mario has been a busy plumber of late, and not just because he’s been on a toilet. Everyone’s favorite “Let’s-a-go!” shouting man may even be starring in an open world game on the Nintendo Switch, which is something Nintendo hinted at almost 3 years ago. The Switch is due to launch this March, and existing Mario titles may even get an update for the new generation of Nintendo console.

Whatever the case, gamers hoping for a quality Mario toy are probably better off picking up the official Mario Amiibo. If all else fails, one can always gather a small mountain of Rubik’s Cubes and make their own Mario stop motion film, although that will probably end up costing more than the average Happy Meal.

What do you think about the odd Super Mario Happy Meal toy, Ranters?

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