Weird No Man's Sky Creature 'Dances' in Tune with Stream Music

No Mans Sky

Finding weird new creatures around every corner is no surprise in No Man's Sky due to the games procedurally generated world that takes randomized assets to create its various planets and lifeforms. However, while No Mans Sky engine does decide what the creature looks like, no one was expecting to see one dancing perfectly in tune to the beat of an RnB song online.

Popular Twitch streamer, KingGothalion took a short break from streaming No Mans Sky's new Beyond update on Twitch when he came across a weird half-octopus, half-mushroom looking creature that appeared to be glitching on the spot to the beat of the music. What originally appeared to be a glitch quickly changed into something far more entertaining.

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Just as the rhythm of the music had changed, the weird-looking creature instantly snapped out of the glitch and began jumping around the planet rather enthusiastically as if it was dancing. The creature's movement is also perfectly in tune to the beat of the music being played on stream. Disclaimer: The music being played during the stream does feature explicit language.

The clip was soon posted on the LivestreamFail subreddit where it quickly blew up, sitting at 6.8K upvotes at this point in time. One Reddit user wrote, "Not only was the lean perfectly timed with each word, but it fixed the glitch directly afterward," while another rated the moment as an "an S tier clip."

Luckily, this weird dancing creature isn't the strangest thing players will find in No Man's Sky since the lastest update as Hello Games have also added the ability to tame and milk creatures. But it is an incredibly funny clip considering the unpredictable timing of the creatures dancing. Maybe Gothalion will be able to tame and keep his new dancing friend?

No Man's Sky Beyond added a number of new features including VR support, gameplay changes, larger numbers for multiplayer, a new galaxy map, and much more. Here's a complete list of everything new that's been added in No Man's Sky Beyond.

No Man's Sky is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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