Weird New Nintendo Switch Motion Controlled Game Teased

nintendo switch joycon belt accessory

The Nintendo Switch saw a flurry of motion-controlled game releases around its launch. Games like 1-2-Switch were designed to showcase the capabilities of the Switch's JoyCons and their "HD Rumble" features. Since then, however, Nintendo's slowed its development of motion-controlled games quite a bit and third-party developers haven't been willing to take the risk. Nintendo Labo was interesting, but not quite a best-seller. However, it seems like Nintendo isn't ready to give on on motion-controls just yet.

Nintendo has just released a new trailer for an upcoming unannounced Switch game. The teaser trailer doesn't show any actual gameplay, but viewers can likely make their own assumptions about the multiple actors "playing" the game with an odd belt-like controller accessory. It layers attach a JoyCon controller to this belt and a second JoyCon is attached to a leg strap to play, with the player bending and twisting in order to play the game.

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The odd belt device has two handholds in addition to where the JoyCon attaches but is otherwise just a strong piece of bendable plastic. It's unclear if the JoyCon connects to any sensors in the belt or if it's simply reacting to the movements and vibrations of said belt. Sensors seem unlikely, though.

What isn't obvious is what kind of game Nintendo is actually advertising. Players in the video are doing basic exercises and stretches, but they're also doing odd motions like holding the belt above their heads. At best guess, the game tasks players with completing a variety of mini-games. These minigames could be exercises, balance games, or more traditional games like driving. Of course, this is only speculation.

Nintendo won't be keeping interested Switch owners waiting for too long. According to the trailer, the game will be officially unveiled on September 12, likely implying that Nintendo will announce the game as part of the Tokyo Game Show 2019 convention, but it could also simply be revealed on social media. Expect more information soon about this "experience" soon.

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