This Week in Mobile Gaming - September 26th, 2010

This Week in Mobile Gaming

This week in mobile gaming we link words with our mateys, accept a movie trivia challenge from felines, run with a gang in Miami, build up our own city, and shoot a friend out of a cannon.

Words with Pirates iPhone

Words with Pirates: A twist on Words with Friends, this game only uses the pirate dictionary. Use words like Yar, Arg, Arrr, and, well you get the point. It's free and will only work for a limited time!

- -

MovieCat iPhone

MovieCat!: Test your movie wits with various quizzes such as multiple choice, quotes, DVD chapters, scenes, matching, and even movie wardrobes. You have 9 lives to succeed as many rounds as possible to rack up the points. You can also download more trivia via in app purchases. 2.99 in the app store.

- -


Gangstar: Miami Vindication: Take a role in a Miami gang and to find brother who was kidnapped by another gang. Basically a form of Grand Theft Auto for the iPhone, you have access to different vehicles, weapons and realistic areas of Miami. Check out the trailer above. $6.99 in the app store.

- -

We City iPhone

We City: Now that you've played out We Rule and We Farm from ngmoco, it's time to jump into We City. Moving away from farming and introducing factories, you earn money by producing and distributing goods. Upgrade your city with businesses, housing, schools, landscaping and more. Free, though you can speed up the process by buying virtual goods.

- -

Mr Bill iPhone

Mr. Bill: A new Capcom game for the iPhone based on a classic Saturday Night Live sketch. Launch Mr. Bill from a cannon in the circus world to get him to the finish. Tap to flap his arms and stay in the air, use seals and clowns to launch you further while avoiding obstacles. Snacks keep your energy up. There is also a farm world available and a zombie one coming soon. Get it for 99 cents.

- -

Another week in the can, Ranters. What are you playing on your mobile device lately? Interested in any of the titles mentioned? Spark up the conversation in the comments!

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