This Week in Mobile Gaming - October 4th, 2010

This Week in Mobile Gaming

This week we hang out with the Duke, save the planet by wiping out humanity, match up falling rectangles by color, keep the beat while playing pong, and scavenge for various items will being inundated with pop culture references.

Duke Nukem 3D iPhone

Duke Nukem 3D: The iPhone port of the classic (who's sequel is actually real and will be released). The controls are less than practical, but the game is free for a limited time in the app store so why not scoop it up and remember the good old days.

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Super Mega Worm iPhone

Super Mega Worm: The title alone is pretty epic. As the great death worm, Wojira, you must save the Earth by annihilating the entire human race. Launch Wojira from the ground to devour humans, animals, vehicles and more to earn points and keep your health up. There are 24 levels, with three super abilities, a retro feel and Game Center support. A buck in the app store.

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Shibuya iPhone

Shibuya: A unique puzzle game where empty blocks continuously fall, and you must fill them with colors in your color queue. The goal is to group same colors together to remove the blocks and earn points. Tap the grouped blocks to remove them, if they reach the top the game ends. $1.99 in the app store.

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BIT.TRIP BEAT: A retro take on rhythm games that blends keeping the beat with Pong. Control the paddle by using the accelerometer or touch to catch every beat. The difficulty increases with progressions and movement of beats. There is also a multiplayer mode and Game Center support. On sale for a limited time at $1.99 in the app store, which is 50% off the normal price. Check out the preview video above!

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Time Geeks Find All iPhone

Time Geeks: Find All!: A seek and find game built on nostalgia and full of pop culture references to things like Lost and The IT Crowd. Your quest is to travel through time to locate various items, that have been displaced by an alien race called the Zoorgs, before a total collapse of time and space. There aer over 100 challenges, 6 game modes, 7 minigames and an included Pixel Art editor. Definitely worth the buck in the app store.

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It looks like the retro-style is making a comeback in the mobile gaming area, but with fresh ideas. Do you Ranters like that style of game? Any cool titles we've missed? Let us know in the comments!

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