This Week in Mobile Gaming - November 8th, 2010

This Week in Mobile Gaming

This week we travel through time to fight the undead, race around in an unsafe fashion, take on a paper route, build up a crew of scallywags, and fight enemy ships in our hometowns.

Age of Zombies iPhone

Age of Zombies - Hordes of zombies were sent to different times of the past by an evil scientest, and you must visit those various ages to wipe them out before they wipe out history. Each level has a special zombie boss, such at T-Rex. There are various weapon pickups to help you as the hordes get larger. $.99 in the app store.

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Reckless Racing iPhone

Reckless Racing - A top down racing game that takes advantage of the retina display potential. Race in a variety of vehicles in three different modes: Dirt Rally, Hot Lap time trial and Delivery time trial. You can also battle your friends in multiplayer to fight for the best time. There are five tracks which can also be raced in the reverse route. On sale for a limited time at 99 cents.

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Paperboy Special Delivery iPhone

Paperboy: Special Delivery - An updated version of the classic, with new modes and additions. Deliver the paper to your customers while avoiding obstacles and ensuring accuracy. There is a new story line that includes 20 levels with new characters, obstacles and more. Use ten special skills, like the yo-yo throw and multi-paper throw, to succeed each level. Includes Game Center support and is $4.99 in the app store.

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Lil Pirates iPhone

Lil' Pirates - Take role of Captain as you build your pirate crew and ship, in search for treasure and infamy. Unlock new quests and send crew members out on missions to level up and earn loot. You can customize the appearance of your ship and crew with various items and in-app purchases. Free for a limited time in the app store.

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Star Wars: Falcon Gunner - Coming soon, this app will have you fighting TIE fighters in your hometown. Using augmented reality, you must gun down enemy ships as they fly over your neighborhood. Check out the video! Price and release date TBA.

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What are you playing to kill time? Interested in any of this week's games or are you saving your pennies for Infinity Blade? Speak up in the comments!

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