This Week in Mobile Gaming - May 9th, 2010

This Week in Mobile Gaming

This week in mobile gaming we get six-sided, crawl around some dungeons, suit up in some iron, wield a sword while playing cards, get a taste of an addiction going portable, and use the Wii remote... with Android?

Edge: If you only need one reason to get this, it's because our own Steve Pendlebury swears by it. However, if you must know the details, Edge is a puzzle/maze game for the iPhone where you control a cube around a healthy serving of levels to reach the goal. Addicting, casual, and fun. Oh, and it's only a buck.

100 Rogues: For all of your dungeon crawling needs! 100 Rogues is a great made-for-iPhone-OS dungeon crawler - full of looting, leveling, and experience building. Well worth the $4.99 asking price.

Iron Man 2: This title is... well it's Iron Man 2. Great graphics, controls are on-par, and may just fulfill your Iron Man needs on the go. The downfall is the $7 price tag.

Sword & Poker 2: When poker and RPG meet, they conjure up a fun mashup. This one is a sequel, bringing in new dungeons, magic, and weapons. Both the original and the sequel are $1.99 each for a limited time.

Early last week an photo hit the internets showing an iPad running World of Warcraft. Don't get too excited yet, WoW heads, because it's unofficial and streaming from a Gaikai server (cloud based) to the iPad on WiFi. No word on how the gameplay or controls are, as they are testing how games stream via the cloud, but that login screen sure looks shiny!

Have a Nexus One and a Nintendo Wii? Thanks to a new app, you can use the Wii remote to play games on your Nexus One via Bluetooth. Check out the video of a guy doing just that below!


That's it for this week! Let us know whether you plan to buy any of the above titles!

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