This Week in Mobile Gaming - March 10th, 2011

This Week in Mobile Gaming


  • Tomorrow, at 5pm your local time, the iPad 2 is officially out. If you missed last week's announcement, the next generation of iPad is basically thinner, lighter and faster and has front and rear facing cameras. There is also a faster processor, gyroscope and will also be available in white. Check out our coverage of the iPad announcement here.
  • Double Dragon has made its return, and on the iOS no less. It's a brand new experience with enhanced graphics, music and a new storyline. There are also new moves, enemies, characters and achievements, as well as bluetooth multiplayer to bash thugs with your friends. Snag it quick for $3.99, the price will go up to $7.99 soon.


OpenFeint announced a new partnership with The9 to bring iOS developers to Android. The partnership is backed by the $100 million Fund9, a Chinese based fund for mobile development. Both parties will be reviewing and deciding on titles that would help strengthen the gaming presence on the Android platform.

Eros Resmini, VP of Marketing at OpenFeint, explains the initiative:

We launched on Android to bring gamers great content. We’ve already helped launch 250 great games, but there’s still work to do. There’s a treasure trove of great games on iOS waiting for the rest of the world to discover. This fund will help make that possible for indie game developers.

Vice President of The9, Chris Shen, explains their goal with the partnership:

Fund9 is focused on bringing the best mobile apps and platform technologies to China. Our partnership with OpenFeint is a great first step. We are excited to see some great games on Android devices in China soon.

OpenFeint is the largest network for cross-platform mobile gaming with 68 million gamers spanning over 4,800 games. The9 is one of China's top gaming developers with a goal to speed up China's growth in application distribution.

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Thief Lupin iOS

Thief Lupin: A one button side scroller where you must guide the thief through different levels of puzzles, obstacles and challenges to prove your role as greatest thief. Each level uses different behaviors to control based on the puzzle. There are over 300 stages, various game patterns and four characters to choose from. You can also unlock items that give bonus features. Free in the iOS App Store.

Kami Retro iOS

Kami Retro: A platform puzzler that has you lead multiple troops through each stage while avoiding traps and collect stars. The game features colorful retro graphics, multiple worlds with dozens of stages, and plays off inspiration from retro games like Mario and Lemmings. $1.99 in the iOS App Store.

Air Supply 1bit Run iOS

Air Supply - 1bit Run: Stranded on an alien moon, you must keep Spaceman Sam alive long enough to be rescued. Run from robotic and alien enemies while avoiding meteors and UFOs, all while trying not to run out of air. Collect cans of O2 to stay alive and snag power-ups to help you survive. Plenty of unlockables, achievements and 1bit music. $0.99 in the iOS App Store.

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That's all for this week. Will you be in line tomorrow night for the iPad 2? Are you picking up Double Dragon for iOS? What iOS games would you like to see on Android? Let us know in the comments!

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