This Week in Mobile Gaming - Halloween Edition

This Week in Mobile Gaming

This week we recommend iPhone games, old and new, that compliment the Halloween season and fall atmosphere.

With Halloween approaching, we speed down a deadly highway, go on a quest to find the truth about Dracula, guide a soul to safety, fight the undead to save the President's daughter and throw birds at pumpkin adorned pigs.

Zombie Highway iPhone

Zombie Highway - Survive as long as you can by speeding down the highway with your armed sidekick. Zombies attack your car while you avoid obstacles in the road. Take out the zombies by smashing them into debris, running them over or tapping them to shoot them with an arsenal of weapons. 99 cents in the app store to make speed bumps out of the undead.

- -

Dracula Path of the Dragon iPhone

Dracula: The Path of the Dragon, Part 1 - The first part of a three part point and click adventure, you play as Father Arno to investigate the city of Vladoviste, Transylvania where the infamous Vlad the Impaler once dwelled. Chosen to investigate with the intention of disproving the existence of vampires, doubts surface as evidence points to the existence. Start hunting vampires for 99 cents in the app store.

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Soul iPhone

Soul - The very same Xbox Live Arcade indie game, but for the iPhone. The goal is to guide a man's soul to the other side through a variety of mazes. Each level is hand drawn, with three difficulty modes and featuring scary environments and sounds. Find your way to the app store and pick it up for $1.99.

- -

Resident Evil 4 iPhone

Resident Evil 4 - Now a U.S. Agent, our favorite ex-Raccoon City P.D. rookie Leon S. Kennedy is appointed to save the President's daughter. Set out on an investigation and encounter various horrors and hordes that fight for Los Illuminados who are responsible for the kidnapping. Get some Resident Evil on your iOS device for $4.99 in the app store.

- -

Angry Birds Halloween iPhone

Angry Birds Halloween - As if you haven't already played it yet, this is a stand-alone Halloween edition of Angry Birds. The levels are decorated with spooky scenery, adorned with destructible Jack-O-Lanterns and the pigs also use pumpkins as helmets for protection from your aviary attacks. The seasonal version comes with 45 levels and is 99 cents in the iTunes app store.

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What games are you guys playing to get in the Halloween spirit? Let us know in the comments!

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