This Week in Mobile Gaming - February 4th, 2011

This Week in Mobile Gaming


  • 15 more levels were added to Angry Birds in an update today, continuing the "Ham 'Em High" world. There are still 15 more levels still on the way to complete the most recent level pack, but if you breeze through this update the next bit of news might be able to hold you over.
  • Angry Birds will have an update to their Angry Birds Seasons version in spirit of Valentine's Day. The update will hit iOS and Android devices sometime next week and will feature a festive set of levels for the holiday of love. Check out a few preview screenshots below!

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  • See above. Angry Birds!
  • Sony may have announced their upcoming PlayStation Suite which will bring games to Android devices, but the folks at Tiger King decided to make their own emulator to get Nintendo DS games on the platform. The emulator is still in beta and is said to be running "very slow", but if they keep chugging at it you might just be playing DS titles on your Android device before you know it - not that it's legal, however.

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  • The Playstation Phone has been Sony's worst kept secret, and it still has yet to be officially announced by the electronics giant. As we touched upon last week, Engadget got their hands on and detailed the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. This week, it seems the device's first commercial has been leaked as well. Read our post on the Xperia Play commercial here.

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Last Fish iOS

Last Fish - An accelerometer game where you tilt to guide your fish to collect white orbs and avoid black ones. Each level provides a different challenge and the game features an artistic black and white style, like that of Limbo. 99 cents in the app store, free limited version also available.

Stylish Dash iOS

Stylish Dash - A fun platformer, similar to Canabalt, where you are continuously running and avoiding gaps. This game is a little more elaborate with various obstacles, controls and power-ups. You can break through barriers and fly to collect coins that you can use in the shop to customize your character. You can also earn the in-game currency by beating levels and challenges. There are six stages, eight in game items and 30 achievements. 99 cents in the app store.

Eden iOS

Eden - Get your Minecraft fix on the go. This clone features a simplified building aspect of the game. No workbench or collecting items since the materials are unlimited and always available in your inventory. 99 cents in the app store, Creepers not included.

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Are you playing any of this week's recommendations? Would you be interested in Nintendo DS titles on your Android device? Excited for more Angry Birds? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: AllThingsD, DVICE

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