This Week in Mobile Gaming - August 29th, 2010

This Week in Mobile Gaming

This week we jump into the world of an animated favorite, test infested waters, roll a snowball into our enemies, vanquish various horror foes, and blitz our way through a medieval world.

Toy Story 3 Operation Camouflage for iPhone

Toy Story 3: Operation Camouflage: Don't judge, you love Pixar movies too! Be the recruit amongst the soldiers and hunt through various locations of the movie in this hidden object game. Environments and characters are true to the movie, check it out for $1.99 in the app store.

- -

Jaws for iPhone

Jaws: As another movie-based game, you trace paths for swimmers to make it ashore and dock boats to avoid the 25 foot shark. The mobile game features 10 levels and the classic Jaws theme for .99 cents.

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Squish The Zombies for iPhone

Squish the Zombies: A simple zombie game that uses the accelerometer. Tilt your device to control the snowball to take out the zombies. Avoid various obstacles and squish as many zombies as you can. A mere .99 cents for zombie squishing fun.

- -

Monster Dash for iPhone

Monster Dash: You are the hero, Barry Steakfries, who must fight his way through the monster ridden world. Travel through portals to different locations and fight mummies, demons, vampires and more. A buck in the app store.

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*Pick of the Week*

Knights Rush iPhone

Knights Rush: In the same realm of the tower defense game Knights Onrush, the full version of A Quest of Knights Onrush has arrived, and is definitely addicting. Blending side-scroll brawling with RPG mechanics, Knights Rush is a blast. There are 50 different types of enemies, eight bosses, and eight worlds. You can also play as three different heroes in the campaign or endless modes. $2.99 and well worth it.

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What do you think, Ranters? Are you interested in any of these titles? Let us know what you're playing in the comments!

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