This Week in Mobile Gaming - August 1st, 2010

This Week in Mobile Gaming

This week we stand our ground on a snowy planet, brawl with some evil exes, deploy our army for world domination, climb skyward with our robotic hooks, and shine light on our foes to throw tonics at their face.

Star Wars Battle for Hoth

Star Wars: Battle for Hoth: THQ pushed out another Star Wars title, and this one falls in the tower defense genre. Fight waves of enemies on the snowy grounds of Hoth by setting up trenches and placing turrets, gunners and more. $2.99 and well worth it.

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Scott Pilgrim's Punch-Out

Scott Pilgrim's Punch-Out: Based on the movie that's based on the comic. In the same nostalgic fashion of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out you fight as Scott Pilgrim, taking on Ramona’s evil exes. Free for some old school fun.

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Risk for iPhone

Risk: The official iPhone version of the classic board game. Your goal is world domination. In turn-based style, defend your territory by increasing the number of soldiers in each zone. Once you're set up, invade enemy faction territories to battle and take over their zones by rolling the highest numbers on the die. Lastly, move some soldiers around to fortify your land. Wash, rinse repeat. You alternate turns with the oppositions until one faction holds all territories. $4.99 in the app store.

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Gravity Hook HD

Gravity Hook HD: Gravity Hook is a platformer developed by the same group that made Canabalt (Semi Secret Software). Launch your robot skyward by tapping various nodes to connect his extendable hook-arm on. It gets tough as timing is key and different nodes have various attributes, such as being a bomb. Get as high as you can for the best score. $2.99 in the app store, but you can play the Flash version free.

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Pick of the Week:


Helsing’s Fire: Highly addictive and original puzzle game where you fight through various evil beasts lead by Dracula. A blight has been cast upon the world and, as Dr. Helsing teamed up with his sidekick Raffton, you must destroy the evil. By using torches to shine light on your foes, you are able to then take them out with tonics that correspond to the color of the enemies. With strategic placement, obstacles help refract light away from different colored beasts and innocents. Once you beat the 90 levels in the game, try your monster hunting skills in the timed survival mode. A measly 99 cents for an awesome game! Check out the video above.

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That's it for this week Ranters. Are you playing any of these titles? What mobile games rank high on your list?

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