charadium for iphone

Charadium: Pictionary on your iPhone/iPad! Take turns drawing out a word and guessing what it is in 15 rounds. Part of the Plus+ network (along with We Rule, Rolando, and Eliminate) so you can add friends and unlock achievements. Highly addictive, and at no cost for the ad-supported version. The ad free version costs $2.99. The game does have a few bugs to work out, such as word errors and glitches, but nothing that consistently ruins the experience.

sketch nation shooter iphone

Sketch Nation Shooter: Pencil and paper environments that you can create. Draw up your character, baddies, and bosses – even the level itself. If you aren’t feeling creative, try out other gamers’ creations. Not bad for 99 cents!

doodle drop for iphone

Doodle Drop: An unofficial take on the highly popular and addictive Doodle Jump brand. Just like the title says, you are dropping rather than jumping and trying not to miss platforms. You can purchase this game for just 99 cents.

pocket legends 3d mmo iphone

Pocket Legends: A 3D MMO for your iPhone/iPad. Pick a class of your liking and jump into the adventure with friends to save your kingdom from evil. The best part: totally free.


Now, I know most of our mobile coverage is iPhone/iPad related – but that is because it is just the biggest market right now. However, next item is for you Droid aficionados! To ease your gaming experience by blocking unneeded buttons, pop on the Game Gripper D-pad to your slider keyboard. It keeps the buttons you need for gaming available and blocks the others, while also adding a d-pad. It comes in a multitude of colors and will run you $14.99. It is currently sold out, but is available to pre-order when they are ready to ship again.

Source: Droid Game Pad