This week we anticipate some superhero mobile gaming, play a board game without worry of losing game pieces, try to be David Beckham (sans Victoria), and play a nostalgic feeling racer on a new device with a twist.

stark tower defense iphone

Ira Rubenstein, executive vice president of Marvel, announced that they are experimenting with in-depth mini-games for iPhone, iPad and XBLA. With the success of their bigger releases (Marvel vs. Capcom), they want to expand their horizons to downloadable platforms as well.

He used the example of Stark Tower Defense (which you can play online now) as one of the games they want to port to the iPhone and XBLA. Looks like we can anticipate Marvel hitting the mobile market, and you can be sure that we will report when that happens so keep posted!

carcassonne iphone ipad

Carcassonne: This is a classic board game where you take turns building up towns by connecting and claiming landscapes until all the pieces are in place, and whichever player has the most points per piece wins. The game is now coming soon for both iPhone and iPad. It will be $4.99 for the iPhone (which comes out first, this month) but will jump to $9.99 when the iPad version drops, which will be the universal version. It’s currently available now on XBLA and the DS.

fifa world cup iphone

FIFA World Cup: A pretty slick version for the iPhone OS. Commemorating this year’s World Cup in South Africa, decide which team (of 105) to play as and lead your team to victory. This game sports a couple of different game modes, and you can snag it in the app store for $6.99.

padracer for ipad iphone

Padracer: This in another game that meshes both the iPad and iPhone together (see: Scrabble). For $4.99, you can download this racecar game to your iPad, and control your car with your iPhone. The game definitely has the feel of those old school racing games like RC Pro Am and Off-Road. Check out the video below!