This week in mobile gaming we hop on a skateboard, rock out to some 90’s grunge, dish out some karate chops, dive into another zombie apocalypse and learn how to create (and take out) our own zombies.

skate it for iphone

Skate It: EA has released an iPhone skate game to coincide with their Skate series. Use the accelerometer and touch controls to pull off tricks and killer sessions in free ride or career mode. The iPhone version carries a lot of the same features as the console versions, such as unlockables, replays, and customized characters. Pick it up for $6.99 in the app store.

tap tap nirvana revenge iphone

Nirvana Revenge: A new installment of Tapulous‘ ever-growing Tap Tap franchise for the iPhone. There are 13 Nirvana tracks to unleash your inner angst upon, including Smells Like Teen Spirit and All Apologies. The game features four difficulty levels, a battle mode and extras about the band. Get your rock on for $4.99.


Karate Champ: The revival of an oldie-but-goodie. Before Tekken and Street Fighter, there was Karate Champ and it’s hitting the iPhone soon. The game uses dual joysticks via touchscreen to land some karate kicks and chops. You can also link up iPhones to battle friends to show them what Mr. Myagi taught you, or open it up on the iPad for a closer-to-arcade screen size experience. Check out the video above!

zombie infection for iphone

Zombie Infection: Gameloft has been holding their own in the mobile gaming niche. Zombie Infection brings some sweet graphics and loads of fury to unleash on a plethora of undead beasts. There are 12 levels in the campaign, finishers, achievements and the ability to switch between and control two characters. For $6.99 you can pile up the corpses.

app of the dead iphone

App of the Dead: In conjunction with the upcoming release of legendary George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead (May 28th), the zombie-loving camp decided to put out an app as well. Due to hit the app store soon, this app lets you zombify photos of your friends and loved ones with over 20 different zombie features. Once they are zombied out to your liking, you can take ’em to the cleaners. The game will also include social integration to share your creations. No word on pricing yet.

Are you interested in any of these titles? What do you look for in a mobile game?