In the video game community, gaming based offenses are considered especially heinous. In cities across the world, gamers share stories of others breaking unwritten rules of gaming etiquette. These rules shall be unwritten no more. A group of dedicated gamers will take their own experiences and others’ and document these offenses, laying down laws to prevent further crimes.

These are those laws.

Everyone has done it. Letting a friend borrow a game has been a tradition since the beginning. Many wielders of the controller have had no problem sharing that awesome game they bought with the less fortunate, with the promise of it being returned. However, many take advantage of this act of generosity, keeping the game for weeks, months, and sometimes even longer. Reaching for that game that will scratch their itch, they are left wanting as they look upon that empty space in their collection. Remembering who has it, the gamer goes to retrieve their game from this scofflaw.

But what if they were no longer within reach?

Gamer's Law 24 - Don't Skip Town When Borrowing Games

Don’t be that guy. Bad things will happen. Bitterness will be cultivated. Friendships will be lost. This dramatic depiction is based off of a true story. Names are not used to protect the guilty but they know who they are.

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