Weapon Attachment Tweaks Coming to 'Battlefield 3'

Attachment Changes Coming to Battlefield 3

Alan Kertz, aka Demize99 on Twitter, has taken to Reddit to announce some upcoming attachment tweaks that DICE is planning on implementing in Battlefield 3 and is asking for the opinion of the community.

The Reddit thread encompasses a rather short list of changes, along with their rationales, and is being debated by numerous users. The changes discussed: The Heavy Barrel, Suppressor, Foregrip, Bipod, Target Pointer (laser) and Flash Suppressor.

Kertz's changes to Battlefield 3's attachments haven't come without forethought. The rationales behind each change, including some pretty in-depth engine details, are listed below each change and show that the tweaks weren't thought up willy-nilly. DICE is ensuring that they maintain BF3 as much as possible and mitigate any gameplay problems that users might be experiencing - including the 'Back to Karkand' weapon fixes that were coming for PlayStation 3 users. Previously, other fixes came to the game, further tweaking weapon recoil and reducing the effectiveness of the tactical light.

The changes Kertz talked about will mostly have to do with improving the viability of each separate attachment and making them stand out on their own a bit more. Tweaking the attachments in such a way that they will be viable to use for their own reasons and not because they're what everyone else is using - allowing players to further customize particular classes.

For example, the bipod will be receiving a buff in reduction of recoil and the elimination of scope sway. Kertz has stated the attachment is underused and hopes that the change will get people to utilize LMG's a bit more. The suppressor will be receiving a nerf in the recoil department. Using the attachment reduces recoil by 50%, a significant amount. This number will be reduced to ensure that the attachment isn't particularly overpowered.

Other changes, like making the foregrip a bit weaker in controlling recoil on a gun-by-gun basis or buffing the flash suppressor by reducing mini-map signature are also being debated on the Reddit thread currently.

Maintaining a first person shooter's balance is paramount to ensuring the popularity of the game. Modern Warfare 3 is also receiving a lot of care in the form of hot fixes, but unfortunately, some of the outstanding issues like BF3's PS3 voice chat problems or MW3's spawning system, which some fans find absolutely horrific. Companies who have invested so much in a game at the outset will do well to make sure these titles are everything they should be as time goes on.

What other changes would you like to see made to Battlefield 3?

Battlefield 3 is available now for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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Source: Reddit via CVG

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